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Rich wood, earthy colors, and natural stone and just three of the features you can find in a craftsman kitchen. The wood in this kitchen can be left in its natural state, or be stained to enhance the color. Oak, cherry, and maple are three popular wood choices that are known for their durability. Pair your quality woodwork with sturdy hardware in iron or other durable metals to create the ultimate craftsman kitchen. Learn how to transform your kitchen into a craftsman kitchen with these easy steps.



Although many kitchens styles incorporate wood into their spaces, craftsman kitchens are defined by their beautiful woodwork. Leave your wood in its natural state, or stain your woodwork to enhance the color and beauty of the wood. Oak, cherry and maple are the three popular wood choices for this kitchen because of their sturdiness and durability.



The typical cabinet styles in a craftsman kitchen are shaker, recessed-panel, raised-panel and flat-panel. Craftsman cabinets lack carved detailing or other ornamentation, but display detailed and beautiful craftsman work.



Tile and stone are great backsplash options. Add some color to your kitchen by adding color accents or boarding to your backsplash. Finish by pairing your backsplash with granite or soapstone countertops.


Being a nature based kitchen style; the color scheme will be mostly greens, browns, gold and oranges. Apply these colors to your walls, backsplashes, bar stools, or kitchen appliances.



Add simple, classic light fixtures in your craftsman kitchen. Pendants with strong geometric lines or chandeliers with a caramelized glass help create a warm dining experience.


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