See What Painterati’s Been Doing This Week

Another busy and exciting week has gone by at Painterati! That will happen when you’re busy helping turn homeowners’ visions into reality.


Enhance your Exterior and Fascinate your FriendsThis week started with Painterati doing exterior work and helping homeowners turn their home’s exterior into something the neighborhood would envy. Your home’s exterior is the first thing people see, so Painterati knows you want it to look its best! Click here to learn more about exterior work with Painterati and see some of the recent projects.



Painterati introduced Sales Consultant, Katy, to everyone this week. Katy has been with Painterati for three years now, and has a detailed color theory that will give a personalized touch to any room in your home. She would love to help you with your design process and project today, so give us a call and schedule a consultation! Learn more about Katy and the Painterati team here.



Level 4 Garage Door Refinish

This week was also filled with garage door refinishes, something that Painterati specializes in! Learn about this week’s project by clicking here, and see how Painterati can help turn your worn garage door back into something beautiful!




after- neutral walls and board:batton w white enameled trimAnother thing Painterati was busy doing this week was interior updates. From interior painting and specialty finishes to cabinets and windows, Painterati has you covered! Click here to check out this recent kitchen project and learn what makes Painterati stand out from the rest. With Painterati, you will get more than just a new look for your home. You will get an experience that you love!


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