Transitional Kitchens: Crisp  transitional cabinets with simple paneled doors and sleek hardware. Transitional cabinets usually have simple, straight-lined, silver, or black handles. Transitional cabinets can contain texture, however they should continue to have a sleek, clean look.

Cabinet type(s): Shaker, Louvered, Inset


Traditional Kitchens: Flush inset or framed cabinets are associated with an Old World way or furniture-style way of building cabinets. These raised-panel doors and cabinets are the signature look of traditional kitchens. This means that you can see the frame around the doors, along with the hinges, which are typically in silver, oil-rubbed bronze or even antique brass. The cabinets found in this style of kitchen usually have a glaze or specialty finish that makes the cabinets look aged or distressed. Cabinets will also have multiple finishes, colors, and styles!

Cabinet types(s): Inset, Shaker


Traditional Cabinets


Contemporary Kitchens: These kitchen cabinets have a clean, modern look that lack ornamentation, molding, and panels. The key to this type of kitchen cabinet is to have cabinets with minimal, clean lines.

Cabinet type: Flat

Contemporary Cabinets

Modern Kitchens:  Unlike transitional cabinets, in a modern-styled kitchen cabinetry are frameless which meaning the cabinet door must overlay the cabinet box. The cabinetry can also be used to integrate the kitchen’s hardware such as microwaves, ovens, and dishwashers. Kitchens in modern-styled homes must lack ornamentation, meaning the cabinets should not show grain or textured detail. Unlike contemporary kitchens, modern-styled cabinetry are simple and sleek.

Cabinet type: Flat


Modern cabinets

Cottage Kitchens: Cabinets that don’t look like cabinets are a big hit in traditional, and cottage style kitchens. Having a cupboard or refrigerator that looks like a hutch is a fun way to keep your appliances hidden.

Cabinet type(s): Inset, Shaker, Beadboard




Tuscan Kitchens: Tuscan kitchen cabinets are predominately made of quality wood that is stained to rich brown colors. Cabinet doors tend to have raised panels and decorative wood accents such as ornate hoods, shelves, and cornices. Corner cabinetry and cabinets with under lighting typical feature glass-paneled doors. Ornate iron, bronze, copper, and brass are metals used to complement the wood cabinetry to create the original Italian feel.

Cabinet type(s): Inset, Shaker, Beachboard, Distressed.




Craftsman Kitchens: The typical cabinet styles in a craftsman kitchen are shaker, recessed-panel, raised-panel and flat-panel. Craftsman cabinets lack carved detailing or other ornamentation, but display detailed and beautiful craftsman work.

Cabinet type(s): Shaker, Inset, Flat