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Painter for a Day Promo

Need an update?   Hire one of our pro painters for a day!  Our $350 promotion provides:

    • 8 hours of painting walls and/or ceilings, including prep and clean up
    • Prep includes filling imperfections such as small nail holes and doing minor repairs.  Larger repairs to be done at the rate of $65/hr plus the cost of materials in addition to the base price of $350.
    • Homeowners to purchase paint from Sherwin Williams using a coupon code provided and must have paint on site prior to start date.  2 gallons of paint for each 15′ x 15′ room.  Paint included in this promotion is Sherwin’s Cashmere Flat or Low-Lustre.
    • Additional painting work can be done at the rate of $65/hr plus the cost of materials.
    • Wallpaper removal and proper prep to be done by homeowners prior to the work (cleaned & Zinsser GARDZ applied).
    • Homeowners must remove wall hangings and move furniture to the center of the room, at least 3′ from the walls to be painted.  Any furniture moving by our crew will be charged at $250/hr.   Refrigerators must be moved by homeowners – our crew cannot move them.
    • Time may be needed in between coats to allow the first coat to dry properly.
    • Contracts to be signed by March 31, 2018.  Work to be completed by in April 15, 2018.
    • $50 deposit due before work will be scheduled.

    Call 612-492-1888 or contact us online to book your Painter for a Day!

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    2018 Painterati Painter for a Day


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