Wall Paint & Repair

Painterati will work with you every step of the way through your interior paint project. We will consult with you on color options, including specialty finishes.  We’ll meticulously prepare and repair minor drywall damage to ensure your walls look brand new!

Project Timeline: 2-3 Days

What to Expect:

The first day you can expect the crew to patch and repair any wall areas that need attention, in addition to taping off and adding plastic coverings where needed. *Please have all wall hangings removed and nails removed from holes you’d like patched. If you’d like to rehang a picture in the same location, you may leave the nail/hook in the wall. The following days will be spent applying your new color! After allotted dry time is given, our crew will remove tape and plastic and do any final touch ups.

Average Project Cost:

$350 – $7,000


For inspiration on adding stripes & design to your wall – click here 



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