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Specialty Finishes

Interested in adding a luxurious feel to your walls and creating a unique environment?  Come take a peek at the variety of specialty finishes Painterati can create in your home.

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Old World Impressions


Use this finish to give instant history to any home.

Textured Fresco
  • Reproduces the characteristics of aged Roman plaster walls.
Smooth Fresco
  • Imparts a warm rustic appeal.
High Polish Fresco
  • Reminiscent of classic marble architecture.

Metallic Impressions


Use this finish to play up a small bathroom with glitzy jewel tones or add a subtle opulence to a master bedroom or dining room.

Smooth Metallic
  • Gives a room a polished luster.
Brushed Metallic
  • Adds subtle texture with the shimmer of silk.
Textured Metallic
  • Imparts an elegant, hand-finished luxury.

Quartz Stone Impressions


Use this finish to bring the outside indoors in a refined manner.

Smooth Quartz Stone
  • Achieve the look of mineral sands.
Brushed Quartz Stone
  • Create a weathered look.
Striae Quartz Stone
  • Unique one of a kind look.

Artisan Impressions


Use these finishes for a splendid impact on a feature wall or focal point in a bold or contrasting color.

  • Creates the look of well-worn metal patina and adds depth to walls.
  • Imparts a tranquil organic vibe.
Tissue Paper
  • Produces an organic stucco-like texture.

*Information Obtained from Sherwin-Williams