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Interior Design Services at Painterati

For Home Owners

Interior Design Services for Home Owners


Painterati offers home owners the following options for Interior Design services:
  1. Referrals:  Painterati can help match you with local designers based upon your individual goals and preferences if your looking for full-service design expertise.
  2. Sales Consultations with Painterati Color Experts:  If your looking for a someone that can help you fully utilize color in your next project, a Painterati Sales Consultant will be glad to help you.  Contact Us Now

For Design Professionals

Interior Design Services for Design Professionals


Not Your Average Partner…

At Painterati, our goal is to be the BEST service  provider and partner so that you feel confident with entrusting us with your clients! Nothing is more important to us. Not only do we have defined processes, we have stellar execution, open lines of communication and fabulous follow-up. At the end of the day, you should never be left wondering “Where did Painterati go”? Engagement at  any phase…Simple!  Here’s HOW we accomplish that:
  1. Extension of Your Business:  You work hard to create a great client experience and want partners you can trust to cultivate and nurture that client experience.  Painterati has developed unique approaches and processes to accomplish the goal of building your interior design business.
  2. Leave the Design to you:  We don’t offer our opinions unless asked.  Listening is one of our best features!  If you ask for our assistance in color selection, budgeting ideas, creative aspects, we are here with open arms, if  it’s your game and vision, we are just  here to execute our end, we get that to!
  3. Develop the “Plan”:  Once we know the scope of work we are dealing with, we engage our teams (Sales, Estimation and Experience) to provide a comprehensive, informative bid that won’t leave you wondering “What are the hidden costs”?  Everything is broken down line by line!  Genius…we know!
  4. Execute with Excellence:  Questions answered, Scope defined, Plan completed, Design implemented….now it’s all about execution!  Painterati has an experience coordinator to ensure that you receive what you need and our team is exactly what you expected and then some!  We love referrals and aim to receive them after every completed experience!
  5. Promotion:  You have work hard to create great projects and want to tell people about them.  Painterati can help you gain exposure by including your information in the media distribution of your project.

Here’s What Other Interior Design Professionals have to say!

Don’t just take our word for it!  We have a long list of industry partners as well as home owner direct clients who say “Yes Please” to Painterati.