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Garage Door Refinishing

Garage Door Refinishing

When to Refinish Your Wood Garage Door

There’s nothing like beautiful wood garage doors to welcome you home after a long day! While modern wood garage doors add curb appeal, they are subject to natural wear and tear and require some maintenance. Without proper care—including garage door refinishing and staining—a door can deteriorate and bring down the look of your house. 

At Painterati, we know that refinishing a garage doors that have been neglected can be a bit overwhelming. But we’re here to help! The tips below will help you determine if your wooden garage door needs to be refinished, painted, or stained to bring it back to its original beauty or update it with a fresh new look.

Signs You Need to Refinish Your Wood Garage Door 

Your wood door or door system is like any fine piece of furniture; its finish requires some simple, periodic maintenance to keep it looking great and protect it against the elements. The following are indications that it’s time for some simple, easy-to-perform maintenance on your garage door.

  • Hairline cracks in the top coat of finish
  • Changes in the color of the finish
  • Changes in the texture of the finish, such as flaking or scaling
  • Dullness or chalkiness in the finish

The Difference Between Painting and Staining Your Garage Door

For the most part, the difference between paint and stain for your refinished garage door is that paint tends to provide color uniformity, has various degrees of sheen, and has a broader color range.

However, stain is often the preferred way to refinish wood garage doors because it is easy to apply and recoat, accents the texture of the wood, and resists cracking, peeling, and blistering when properly applied.

When choosing between painting and staining wood doors, it’s really a matter of personal preference. While there are fewer garage door stain color choices and stains can’t be applied over painted surfaces, you will be able to see the wood’s natural coloring to show through.

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How to Refinish Your Wood Garage Door 

Before you can paint or restain your wood garage door, it’s necessary to prep it. The process begins by sanding the door with a belt sander and/or liquid strippers to make it easier for stain to be applied. You may also want to replace any damaged wood before moving on to the next step.

After the initial sanding, hand sanders and palm sanders are used to get into every nook and cranny. Then a fine electric sander is used to get into corners and in between panels. Once the garage door has been thoroughly sanded, any dust is wiped off in preparation for the stain application. 

How to Restain or Repaint a Wood Garage Door 

Once the door surface is sanded and cleaned, it’s time for the fun part—staining or painting your wood garage door. Our Home Paint & Stain Specialist will mask off and prep the area, apply a color match stain/paint and apply two clear coats of maintenance urethane satin finish. This is typically a two day process.  

After the last finish coat is dries, we place a small bead of exterior-grade caulk on the inside surface joints, and lightly sand and repaint any visible exterior door hardware so you’re left with a garage door that looks as good as new! 

Garage Door Finish Preventative Maintenance Services

At Painterati, we do more than just refinish and restain your wood garage door—we also provide a 3-year preventative maintenance program. Painterati will contact the homeowner each year as weather conditions permit to schedule the Preventative Maintenance Service on your wood garage door(s) finish.  

Our Home Paint & Stain Specialist will visit your home and lightly sand the affected areas, apply a color match stain, and then apply two clear coats of a maintenance urethane satin finish. In addition, we also provide a garage door touch-up service, guaranteeing your refinished wood garage door will look new for years to come. 

Call 612-492-1888 or contact us online to explore all the Painterati garage door refinishing options available to you today!

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