Exterior Painting from Painterati

Your home’s exterior is your signature on the neighborhood. It’s what everybody sees so you want it to look its best. And it will when Painterati is finished.

Painterati will prepare and finish all types of siding and stucco, as well as trim, windows, doors, decks and fences. We’ll take care of your exterior finishes down to the smallest crevices on your windows. And leave that deck maintenance to us too. We refinish it, you enjoy it.  Painterati’s exterior painting process includes:

  • Customized Analysis of Exterior Status to arrive at personalized plan for Exterior Finishing
  • Preparation of Project through Power Washing, Priming, Caulking, Wood Repair, and Wood Filling as needed
  • Professional Advice on which products to use on each surface
  • Finishing of surfaces which may include brick, stucco, hardie siding, cedar siding, aluminum, and masonite
  • Add Light Construction Services for repairing of surfaces or to enhance your curb appeal with a new Front Door, updated Door Hardware, Architectural Accents, Lighting Updates and anything else you can think of

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