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Exterior Refinishing

There’s nothing like beautiful wood garage doors to welcome you home after a long day! While modern wood garage doors and entrance doors add curb appeal, they are subject to natural wear and tear and require some maintenance. Without proper care—including wood door refinishing and staining—a door can deteriorate and bring down the look of your house. At Painterati, we know that refinishing a garage door or entrance door that has been neglected can be a bit overwhelming. But we’re here to help!

Project Timeline: 4-5 Days

What to Expect:

Due to the fact that this is a seasonal, exterior project – all work must be done weather permitting.  Our team will tape off the area, remove door hardware if applicable and strip, sand and re-stain the doors, including any minor repairs that may be needed along the way. Finally, a new topcoat will be applied to ensure the door is sealed and looking like new.

Average Project Cost:

Garage Door Refinishing: $1,300 – $7,800
Exterior Repaint: $3,500 – $30,000

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