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Our Services

Interested in our services! Whether you want a little touch-up paint, a specialty finish on a single wall, drywall repair in the basement, a new finish on an armoire, or a fresh coat of exterior paint, Painterati will deliver flawless results.  See photos of Our Work.

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing

Replacing your existing Kitchen Cabinets is a costly and time consuming way to achieve the kitchen of your dreams. Refinishing your existing Kitchen Cabinets at a fraction of the cost can achieve a stunning transformation.  At Painterati, we pride ourselves in delivering a quality Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing solution the first time.

Interior Updates

Painterati will work with you every step of the way through your interior updates. We will consult with you on options for interior paint ideas, colors and finishes – including specialty finishes.  We’ll meticulously prepare and repair any damaged surfaces for finishing.  And if your trim, windows and cabinets need updating to complete your look, we’ll update them as well.


Choosing the right countertop for your home can be hard. Painterati can help advise you on the best choice that’s right for you by giving you information about different types of countertops and what you should know about each one.

Interior Design

Painterati offers two options for Interior Design services.  First we can provide a referral to help match you with local designers based upon your individual goals and preferences if your looking for full-service design expertise.  Secondly, our Sales Consultants are color experts and if your looking for a someone that can help you fully utilize color in your next project, a Painterati Sales Consultant will be glad to help you.

Light Construction

Painterati offers a variety of light construction services at an affordable cost.  We have found that having this resource on-staff allows us to meet the needs of our clients with customized and efficient solutions.

Specialty Finishes

Painterati’s desire to meet each clients unique needs is showcased in our specialty finishes. Metallic paints, plasters, wood bleaches and wood agers, glazes, crackle effect, distressing techniques, rust reactive finishes, and the industry’s best primers and enamels are used to create custom finishes that last. If you can dream it, we can achieve it.


Your home’s exterior is your signature on the neighborhood. It’s what everybody sees so you want it to look its best. And it will when Painterati is finished.


Painterati shares a pre-finishing and re-finishing shop with Brush Masters, where we can give your wood cabinets a makeover in a controlled environment to ensure a smooth, consistent finish. Whether you want a traditional finish or a specialty finish such as enamel, distressed or barn-wood look, you can trust your finest wood furniture and cabinets to Painterati from start to finish.


Tired of those popcorn/acoustic drywall ceilings that harbor cobwebs? Looking for a more up-to-date finish? Painterati has experience with every stylish option, including smooth, knock-down, or orange peel/splatter ceilings.

Garage Door Refinishing

Your wood door or door system is like any fine piece of furniture; its finish will require some simple, periodic maintenance to keep it looking great and provide proper protection against the elements.  Regular finish maintenance is also a requirement for the door to last for years to come.