Not Your Average Painter

Not your Average Painter

When it comes to making changes in your home, you want someone you can trust. You want a company that not only gives you what you’re looking for in the end, but also one that gives you a great experience in the progress. Painterati will give you all that and more with an experience designed around you.

At Painterati, we have consultants, not estimators. The customer isn’t a transaction, they are important in everything that we do. We want to know your dreams and help you get there. Projects for your home are meant to be enjoyable and inspiring. We want you to feel comfortable and we want to spend time with you getting your dreams and desires onto paper so that we can get them into your home.

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Painterati also has an Experience Coordinator to make sure our employees are treated great and have the proper skills for each project. We will get the right employee to the right project with the right mindset. Our Painters are selected as ones who will be terrific to work for you and with you.

With Painterati, you’ll enjoy making changes in your home!

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