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Kitchen Molding Types

Adding molding to your walls, cabinets, or ceilings can help enhance the most basic room. Molding allows any homeowner to truly customize their home, no matter what their style is. See the many molding options you can add depth, detail, and richness to your kitchen.

Traditional Crown Molding

This type of molding tends to be the most standard in homes. Although it is the standard style of molding, adding it to your home can make your home look and feel more upscale. Keep in mind this style of molding doesn’t fit with every style of home. Traditional Crown Molding, like in the name, is very traditional, so it will work better in a traditional-style home than any other style.


Stacked Crown Molding

This type of molding is made up of many pieces of molding that are stacked on top of one another for a uniformed look. Installed this type of molding in homes that have ceilings higher than 8 or 9 feet. Stacked Crown Molding works as a decorative and functional element that adds character to your room while ridding the gap between your cabinets and ceiling.


Stepped Crown Molding

Stepped, or staggered, molding is found above cabinets and vary in heights. This popular custom renovation technique refines and accentuates the cabinet arrangement. You can empathize the stepped design with with stacked molding on higher cabinet boxes and less stacked molding on the lower boxes.


Interior Crown Molding

Interior Crown Molding is placed around the perimeter of a room’s ceiling. This type of molding is typically found above kitchen cabinets to fill the gap between the cabinets and ceiling. It also incorporates the ceiling’s crown molding for continuity.


Edge Molding

This type of molding can be added to almost every part of a cabinet or shelf. Edge molding is added to the outside edge or boarder of a cabinet or shelving. Molding, especially decorative moldings, will add  a new design feature to your cabinetry while giving your room more character.


Light Molding

Light Molding is installed at the bottom of cabinets to conceal under cabinet lighting. This type of molding offers a huge impact, for a small price.


Shoe Molding

Unlike other molding options that fill the gap between cabinets and ceiling, Shoe Molding connects base cabinets to the flooring. Shoe Molding, also known as quarter round, can be made to match your cabinetry or to match your flooring.


Applied Molding

Applied Molding can be installed on surface of walls or cabinetry.  In a kitchen, this molding style is typically used around the range hood to coordinate the door styles throughout the room or home.


Bottom Molding

Molding at the bottom of the base cabinet doors and above the toe kick is also known as bottom molding. This molding can be used on kitchen islands to make them appear more like furniture.



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