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Aaron – Custom Stain Creator 

Expert Stain Matching

Aaron is an important part of the Painterati / Brush Masters team!  He is our custom stain expert, creating matches to existing stain colors that clients can then use on new elements in their home remodel.   New windows, doors or trim are made to blend in with the existing colors.  Aaron also works on matching new garage doors to specific colors (like matching the front door for example) and creating matches to furniture as well.

Years of Experience

Our shop has a complete stain tinting system and Aaron uses his many years of experience and experimenting to determine the exact amount of tints & dyes to use to create each finish on each type of wood.  He’s pretty knowledgeable about how different substrates take stain; oak, poplar, fir, alder, walnut, mahogany, pine, birch and cedar are just a few of the wood species we work with.  Aaron is also in charge of keeping detailed records of each formula that can be referenced should the client want more work done in the future.

Keep on Rocking

Aaron is our Rock & Roller with a huge heart!  He’s always got great tunes playing and is always willing to help out.  He really enjoys working with our clients and you’ll often catch him happily educating them on the process and helping get them their perfect color.  We love having Aaron on our team!

Click here for a little video of Aaron in his mad laboratory of color!