School will be starting up soon, which means your kiddos need somewhere to do all their homework, make all their projects, and store all their school supplies. For younger kids, make an area that is dedicated for gluing and coloring their projects. Junior high and high schoolers might need less of a craft area, and more of a quiet study area. No matter the age group, adding these items to their study space will help them succeed!



We all have heard about this fun DIY project, but where should you put chalkboard paint? A study room is a great place for chalkboard paint for it gives students place to do practice problems. Chalkboard paint is also great for writing down reminders, to-do lists, or for showing off some of their A+ work!



Every study area should have a homework station that has everything from markers, to rulers, to extra paper. A homework station also helps to keep supplies organized for quick and easy access.



Keep your floor and study area organized by installing hangers in your study area. A clean study area = a successful study area!



Add a wall for your student’s A+ work!


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