How to get the clean, new, modern kitchen design of your dreams—without the high cost and inconvenience of a remodel

  • Have the number of your Pinterest kitchen design  inspiration boards surpassed the page count of “War and Peace?”
  • Is your family starting to worry because you sob uncontrollably through full episodes of “I Hate My Kitchen” on the home network?
  • Have your local home improvement stores refused you entry because they have to physically peel you off the model kitchens?

Kitchen Designs to Consider

If this is your life, you could be due—actually, we’d venture to say overdue—for a kitchen design makeover.

“Right. When we win the lottery,” you might say with a roll of your eyes. “Plus, it’s too disruptive for my family. There’s no way we can get along without a kitchen for weeks, let alone months.”

What if we told you there are a number of fast kitchen design fixes that can have your kitchen looking more like the “after” photo in a design magazine—at a reasonable cost, and at a fraction of the time required for a full kitchen renovation? You might not believe us, but you should, because here are five fast and easy ways to stop hating your kitchen (and to stop embarrassing your family in front of the model kitchens).


If your current light fixtures are part of the “Cheapest Darn Builder-Grade You Can Buy” collection, it might be time for a lighting upgrade. Lighting technology itself has improved, with LED bulbs offering brighter, truer and more earth-friendly illumination. Plus, it’s easier and more affordable than ever to find just about any type of fixture you can dream of both online and at your local home improvement store (well, once you’re off the Do-Not-Allow list). Pendant lights, chandeliers large and small, easy-to-install under-cabinet lighting, ceiling fixtures—the possibilities for brightening up your kitchen in every sense of the word are endless.


Have those ruffly white café curtains that were so cute during your country décor phase become a little…well, ratty over time? Are you done with re-attaching that loose slat on your vertical blinds every other day? Considering everything that goes on in a kitchen—cooking with all its scents and oils, eating, food fights (your kids never told you), dishwashing, kids or animals running in and out all day long—it’s not surprising your window treatments are looking a bit tired. Why not give the poor old things a break and change it up? Everything’s fair game these days: burlap sacks as toppers, fabric shower curtains, no-sew fabric scraps, or (if you’re not the crafty kind) a wealth of choices at your local Target or Kohl’s.


Speaking of old, let’s face it: you can scrub until your fingers ache, but sometimes you just can’t get rid of the patina of an aging kitchen appliance. Maybe it’s time to trade in that dingy 15-year-old stove. Or find a microwave that actually has room for a dinner plate. Or a dishwasher that you don’t have to yell to be heard over. You don’t need to splurge on top-of-the-line stainless-steel marvels of engineering to raise your kitchen game; sometimes, a spiffy new refrigerator that fits large platters and two-liter soda bottles is all it takes to make everything better.


Ah, paint, how we love you. A coat or two of this simple and most wondrous of design fixes can cover a multitude of sins. Just think: you won’t be staring at that pinkish smudge of spaghetti sauce your now-eighteen-year-old daughter somehow managed to splash on the ceiling when she was six (although admit it, the way it resembled Benjamin Franklin in profile made helping the kids with their American History homework a little more fun).

Instead, you’ll be gazing happily at colors that can transport you in an instant. Think of serene blues and greens that make your kitchen feel like a beachside retreat. Or sophisticated grays that evoke a Manhattan penthouse. Or the deep autumn red of a rustic cabin, or a bright and sunny retro yellow…again, endless choices to transform your kitchen from crummy to cozy. And if you’d rather sleep on a bed of hot coals than wield a paintbrush? A good, fast and reasonably priced crew of painters can be found by asking friends and neighbors for recommendations, or contacting us….it’s what we do!


Cabinets are one of THE most effective ways to transform your kitchen. Since they’re usually the largest piece of furniture in the kitchen, they tend to be the showstopper and give you the most bang for your buck, thanks to all the easy, inexpensive changes you can make. For instance, you can simply replace cabinet pulls and knobs for a minimalist face-lift. Or you can change out a couple of cabinet doors for new, glass-fronted doors—or remove a door or two completely—to showcase the gorgeous antique dishes you inherited from Aunt Sally. Or (if that sounds like too much pressure to stay organized), you can replace your cabinet doors and drawers with a different style.

You can also have your cabinets completely refinished with a minimum of fuss and muss. The cabinet bases stay where they are and are refinished right there in your kitchen over the span of a couple of days. The doors and drawers are removed, refinished offsite and brought back to be reassembled when they’re dry. Just think what a difference a cabinet refinish could make, with your tired, bland oak or dark, dated walnut transformed into a fresh, sleek, snowy white showpiece, a creamy beadboard for a vintage look, a rich navy or black for an elegant, modern touch—or virtually any other color or finish you can dream up.

These are just a few of the ways you can refresh a kitchen with minimal investment and maximum impact. Whether you do one fix or all, whether you’re a do-it-yourselfer or prefer to work with a professional, the important thing is to have a plan—and to just get started today. We promise, you’ll thank us later—and so will your family. And your local home improvement stores.

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