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As we know, each year the home industry has new and exciting trends to try in your home. 2016, is no exception! Here are Painterati we are here to give you a custom experience around your wants and needs. Even if you do not find yourself always following the latest and greatest style and trends, it never hurts to be up to date on current trends. Plus, you never know when something might just catch your eye!

Here are top trends that will be coming to more homes in 2016!


Niche Appliances

Appliances may become more and more advanced every year, but one thing stays the same: a kitchen’s purpose. Whether you are a regular entertainer, have little mouths to feed, or just utilized your kitchen when you need to grab a banana and go – you need a well functioning kitchen.The new-and-improve technology of 2016 will not only make your kitchens more functional, but you will be able to perform your everyday kitchen tasks more efficiently!

Contemporary Kitchen by Los Altos Architects & Building Designers Duxbury Architects

Everything from built-in espresso makers to steam dual ovens will completely transform any kitchen.  Other popular kitchen appliances include:


Workhorse Kitchen Islands

Traditional Kitchen by Essex Architects & Building Designers George Penniman Architects, LLC

A workhorse kitchen island is an island that is useful, durable, dependable and hardworking – something that allows you to handle a lot of different tasks in one area. Some workhorse characteristics include:
  • a sink
  • stovetop
  • built-in wooden cutting board
  • strategically placed electrical outlets
  • seating area for serving



Customize Kitchen Storage

2016 is the perfect time to reorganize your kitchen to eliminate clutter and maximize efficiency. Here are some ways to get the most of your kitchen space.

Contemporary Kitchen by Lake Oswego Design-Build Firms Vanillawood

  • custom drawers to store pots, pans, and kitchen utensils
  • pull out lift for mixer
  • pop-up electrical outlets
  • corner cabinets to maximize storage space
  • built-in wine racks
  • pull-out spice rack

2016 kitchen goals