The 2015 Sherwin Williams Colormix Color Forecast is out!


2015 Color Forecast- Chrysalis


We look to earth and sky for inspiration, finding raw beauty
in striations and gently blurred hues and patterns. Artisans
break the mold, creating objects that aren’t what they seem.
Shapes are layered and deconstructed. In this moment,
silence is the greatest luxury, and metamorphosis is the
mother of invention.


2015 Color Forecast- Voyage


Unusual atmospheric events, including a decade-best
aurora borealis and a rare sequence of “blood moons,”
will keep our focus on the heavens in the months ahead.





Buoyant2015 Color Forecast- Buoyant

We’re exploring the secrets of the rainforest, applying the
medicinal and cosmetic benefits of its botanical bounty.

We’re looking to the natural world in other ways, too,
incorporating green spaces into even dense urban
environments — trusting in nature to keep our spirits bright.



2015 Color Forecast- UnrestrainedUnrestrained

Artisans and purveyors of luxury goods are getting in the
spirit, putting an irreverant spin on their work. South Africa
and its colorful art scene exert a strong pull, while the
2016 Summer Olympics will rivet the world’s attention
on Rio de Janeiro.


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