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Our Services

Interested in our services! Whether you want a little touch-up paint, a specialty finish on a single wall, drywall repair in the basement, a new finish on an armoire, or a fresh coat of exterior paint, Painterati will deliver flawless results.  Our Work highlights the outcomes of our services:
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Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing

At Painterati, we pride ourselves in delivering a quality Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing solution the first time.
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Painterati will work with you every step of the way through your interior updates.
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Choosing the right countertop for your home can be hard. Painterati can help!
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Painterati now offers three different lines of cabinet hardware! These include Top Knobs, Jeffrey Alexander and Elements. Whether you are looking to refinish your cabinets and replace your hardware, or you just want to update your cabinet hardware, Painterati is here to help!
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Interior Design

Painterati offers Interior Design services that include sales consultations with color experts, referrals to full-service interior design services and partner services to interior design clients.
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Light Construction Services

Painterati offers light construction services at an affordable cost.
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Specialty Finishes

Interested in adding a luxurious feel to your walls and creating a unique environment. Come take a peek at the variety of specialty finishes Painterati can create in your home.
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Your home’s exterior is your signature on the neighborhood. It’s what everybody sees so you want it to look its best.
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Painterati shares a pre-finishing and re-finishing shop with Brush Masters, where we can give your wood cabinets a makeover in a controlled environment to ensure a smooth, consistent finish.
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Aging and settling have unbecoming effects (on your walls, of course). Nails pop out. Seams crack. Dents and holes appear seemingly out of nowhere. Corners chip. No sense living with or covering over unsightly blemishes. Painterati can restore your drywall to a like-new surface before painting.
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Garage Door Refinishing

Painterati provides several options for garage door refinishing: Garage Door Finish Evaluation Service, Garage Door Finish Touch-Up Service and Garage Door Finish Preventative Maintenance Service.
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